How to Make Hand Crafted Frozen Yogurt Without Cream

You’ve probably wondered, “How do I make hand crafted frozen yogurt without cream?” Well, it’s actually a relatively simple process. All you need is a hand blender, a high-quality yogurt, and a few ingredients. If you’re not in the mood for heavy cream, you can always use a store-bought brand. Here are a few tips to make the most delicious frozen yogurt without any added cream:

First, get some frozen fruit. You can use any frozen fruit, including strawberries, but make sure it’s fully frozen before you combine the ingredients. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, you can make frozen yogurt by blending frozen fruit in a food processor or a heavy-duty blender. Simply blend the ingredients until smooth and creamy, and freeze for two to three hours before serving.

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Next, add your toppings. For this step, you can add vanilla extract, granulated sugar, and honey. After blending, it should be a soft-serve consistency. Once frozen, transfer the frozen yogurt to a loaf pan or container. This will make it easier to scoop. If you prefer, you can serve the yogurt immediately, or transfer it to a larger container and freeze it.

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