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How to Be Excellent at Distance Learning

One key to success in distance learning is student engagement. If you find yourself procrastinating, unable to follow a study schedule, or unable to turn in assignments on time, online learning might be a poor fit for you. It is crucial to develop good habits, such as keeping a daily “To-Do” list. It is fun to check things off when you have completed them. Developing good study habits can take time, but will pay off in the end.

One of the best ways to stay organized is to start using a calendar. Despite the fact that time will seem to be slipping by quickly, keeping a calendar is essential. You can break down writing assignments into manageable chunks, and use tools such as the SUNY Empire State College Assignment Calculator to keep track of due dates. This can save you time and make the entire process of learning much easier.

When you start an online course, be sure to pace the assignments accordingly. Pacing is important, because it ensures that the student does not become overwhelmed and bored with their work. This way, the student has enough time to complete large projects. At the same time, there should be plenty of time for small assignments to keep the student occupied. However, if you find yourself unable to do them within five minutes, seek help.


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