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It is not recommended as the first choice for treatment. Currently, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) has produced four formulas of cannabis oil extracts that are included in the national list of essential drugs, consisting of:

  1. THC 3 mg per drop
  2. THC 0.5 mg/drop Indications Palliative care (chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, pain, loss of appetite, insomnia) Use as your doctor directs.
  3. CBD 4 mg per drop Indications Difficult to treat epilepsy and treatment-resistant epilepsy use as prescribed by a doctor
  4. THC 1 mg and CBD 1 mg per drop Indications Spasticity in patients with multiple sclerosis. Use as prescribed by a doctor.

While P.K. Preecha Nutim, Director of the Thai Traditional and Herbal Medicine Development Division, Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, said that the Department had taken action. Thai traditional medical cannabis by supporting the growers, divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1 with small enterprises, 50 plants can be planted. If you want to start a CBD shop, you must maintain all the rules.

Phase 2 is planting six trees per household, and neither phase can run a business.

Phase 3 The Department cooperates with large enterprises. That can be planted from 300 to 10,000 trees, carried out in 1,000 locations across the country to bring the products for medical use or other parts to develop into various products.

“After the production The grower will give 50 % inflorescences to the Department, but other parts of cannabis, leaves, branches, stems, roots that some drug formulas will need to be used as components of the Department will be bought for use. to make medicines to distribute to patients and produce drugs distributed to public and private health service agencies across the country. It can be seen that the Department has a full range of actions from planting, producing and distributing medicines throughout the country. It is in line with the government’s intent to unlock marijuana for medical benefits,” said Principal Preecha.

However, cannabis cultivation is a new issue for farmers and community enterprises, where 10,000 plants are expected to produce about 100 kilograms of inflorescences, but this number is not valid. Because it is not cultivated. The breed was not selected. Inaccurate lighting becomes all males or bisexuals, resulting in less inflorescence yield.

Which, according to the plan, will be used to produce three recipes of cannabis oil that are used a lot:

  1. Hemp oil, Doctor Decha, has a concentration of 2 milligrams per millilitre, of which 1 kilogram of dried inflorescences can produce only 1,000 bottles.
  2. Hemp oil Medicine Medicine that is more concentrated than 1 kg of dried inflorescences can produce ten bottles
  3. Garun medicinal cannabis oil has outstanding CBD shop.

Presently, it produces only reserves of cannabis oil, Doctor Decha, for distribution to various hospitals across the country. Because when the doctor orders the use of government rights Gold card can be withdrawn, and people get free. Therefore, be prepared, so the patient does not miss out on medication. Kindness and compassion It is still produced and can only be used at the Hospital of Thai Traditional Medicine and Integrated Medicine at Yossi and 4-5 hospitals of the Department only. SO, collect your CBD products from CBD shop.

“Which formula to use? Depending on what the patient wants to use, for example, cancer patients, if the pain is severe, must use the formula of mercy medicine, but if the headache is not very painful or cannot eat or the elderly who are sensitive to use A less concentrated dacha oil can be used, depending on what disease the patient has. and the doctor deems appropriate Sometimes patients have cancer as well. But the symptoms are not the same, so choosing a cannabis oil formula to use. Therefore, it depends on the nature of the patient’s symptoms,” said Price.

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