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Enjoying Frozen Yogurt Around Evening Time

It sounds horrible, but that’s not true! Freezing yogurt is a great way to always have some on hand. The biggest problem is finding a fridge with enough room for it. And once you do find a fridge with space, it’s super easy to make your own frozen yogurt. Plus, it’s not complicated to do, so you can enjoy a tasty snack anytime of day.

However, the flavor of the frozen yogurt will change slightly after it’s frozen. That’s because freezing yogurt interferes with the growth of live bacteria, which are helpful for our gut health. This process also enhances the tangy taste. Depending on your taste, you may want a less tangy, more sugary version. Either way, there’s a flavor for you!

When it’s time to eat frozen yogurt, remember to shake the container well before transferring it to a cup. This is an easy way to disturb the probiotic culture. And don’t double-dip if you can help it! Double-dipping also introduces new bacteria to the yogurt. It’s also not a good idea to buy slightly older milk. If you want to enjoy your yogurt in the evening, choose fresh milk. This will last longer.

Frozen yogurt has some health benefits too. While it’s lower in calories and fat than ice cream, it’s rich in protein and has a low sugar content. Many types of frozen yogurt contain beneficial bacteria and nutrients. Many also contain probiotics for added benefits. You can even enjoy self-serve frozen yogurt with fruit, if you prefer. If you’re a little nervous about frozen yogurt, consider other options.

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